Unexpected Turns

The last two weeks took an unexpected detour after I received an anonymous email telling me to get out of the city council race or else. The email linked an anonymous website filled with false information wrapped in misogyny. After the shock wore off, I realized I had two options: ignore it and hope it blows over or address the bigger issue head on. I chose the latter.

I recorded a video statement, Councilwoman Says No To Slut-Shaming, explaining what had happened and why I am now even more inspired to run for re-election the the Sonoma City Council:

This year, I will be running not only for the future of our city, but for every woman and man who has been shamed for being themselves.

I am running for every woman and man who has been bullied for daring to stand-up and speak their mind.

And I am running for all of our daughters and sons who should never have to fear that their voices could be silenced by anonymous threats and lies.

The story was picked up by both the Sonoma Index Tribune and The Press Democrat. As quoted in The Press Democrat in an article published in the Sunday edition on Women’s Equality Day, I explained why this kind of tactic used almost exclusively against women is unacceptable and has no place in our community dialogue on the upcoming election:

“The #MeToo movement highlighted the effects of the longstanding power dynamics where people thought women could be controlled or manipulated because they had less power — the website assumes the same is true for me,” she said. “They think they don’t have to challenge me on things that are factual … they can tarnish my reputation by presenting me as a morally inferior person.”

We are at a pivotal moment in the future of our city, and there are plenty of important issues to debate and address. I look forward to having those discussions with you, and I welcome any and all conversation about these issues, as well as the events of the last two weeks.

Thank you all for your support. Let’s get to work!