Sonoma County Democratic Party Annual BBQ

On Saturday, August 25, I had the honor of addressing the attendees at the Sonoma County Democratic Party Annual BBQ at Howarth Park in Santa Rosa. It takes a village to keep our county moving forward, and our local Democratic Party leaders, members and volunteers are essential to this effort! It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet some new ones as well.

1 thought on “Sonoma County Democratic Party Annual BBQ”

  1. You go!! Im not in your district but i felt compelled to say that i appreciate your courage to stand against those that try to blackmail our citizens to do what is right. this issue goes against all Americans citizens no matter who they are. Too many people want to tear down our way of life through scare tactics its time we all come “out of closet” and tell the truth and let the us citizens of this great country make their own mind up.

    Your courage is an example
    keep it up

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