Re-Elect Rachel Campaign Kick Off Success!

More than fifty members of our community came together to celebrate the official launch of my re-election campaign to the Sonoma City Council!

We were joined by special guest Amy Pearl, Chair of the Board of Directors of Emerge America, an organization that had recruited more than 4,000 women to run for office since 2002. The number of women running this year who have participated in their program has doubled since 2016.

Exciting things are happening in the landscape of our elected political leaders, and I look forward to serving our community for four more years.

Want to help? Head over to How Can I Help? to sign up to walk with me or request a yard sign. Talk to you friends and neighbors about why you will be voting for Rachel Hundley on November 6.

The future of our city is in our hands. Let’s make sure our kids and grandkids will have opportunities to live here and be invested members of this community we all love.

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