And we’re off!

Today I submitted my nomination papers for the November 2018 city council election! It has been a true honor serving you the last (almost) four years, and I look forwarding to connecting with the community this campaign season to hear what’s on your mind and tell you about my values and vision for our city. Thank you to everyone who signed my petition!

Let’s do this!

Here is a preview of my statement that will be in the Voter Guide:

What will the Sonoma of 2050 look like?  Will tourism overrun our small-town character?  Will future generations continue to be priced out by our skyrocketing rents?  Will our traffic and parking issues get worse and remain unsolved?

Let’s make sure the answers are no.

Four years ago, you elected me to be your voice on the Sonoma City Council. Since then, I’ve worked hard to balance tourism with our quality of life, increase housing opportunities for our workforce, and preserve our historic resources and environment.

As Mayor last year, I worked to modernize operations at City Hall so that our city finances are transparent. I fought for accessible medical cannabis and our fair share of county funding for homeless services.

I started a small food business right here in Sonoma. I am currently a municipal law attorney. I understand the complex challenges facing our city and know how to leverage limited resources to achieve the greatest impact.

The decisions we make today will shape the Sonoma of tomorrow. I have the voice, vision and values to ensure the Sonoma of 2050 remains a special place for all of us. 

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Please visit:

Update: Just heard from our City Clerk that I had enough valid signatures to qualify! This November, you will be able to cast your vote for Rachel Hundley to the Sonoma City Council.