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She wanted to make a difference. Now this millennial is the mayor of her new town., 1.24.17

“Rachel stood up for us. She read the material, she did the homework so when she asked questions they were good and then she spoke for [the homeless], King said. “This is a very rich city, let’s face it, it wasn’t a popular thing to do, but she did it. We need people with her energy and time and smarts.”

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Developer drops plans for controversial Sonoma boutique hotel in favor of housing, 9.13.17

Mayor Rachel Hundley said Caymus probably took note of the ongoing struggle over a separate hotel project on West Napa Street.

“Combined with the pushback from the neighbors, it probably aided their decision to focus on residential,” she said.

“I’m happy with the decision they made,” she said. “It will have a more positive experience on all sides moving forward.”

Sonoma agrees to take a stand in support of immigrant, 2.22.17

“It’s important for a community to establish when they have shared values,” said Mayor Rachel Hundley, adding that the issue affects the health, well-being and welfare of residents.

“The issue of discrimination needs to be talked about, and acknowledge it’s damaging to communities,” she told a crowd of more than 125 people that overflowed the community meeting room.

Sonoma mayor Rachel Hundley is a relative newcomer to town and politics, 12.6.16

Hundley said if there’s been a shift on the council, it’s toward being more proactive. “I’d like for it to be more action-oriented and look further into the future, to take steps we need to take now, to get to where we want to be,” she said.

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Jason Walsh: Sonoma cannabis initiative up in smoke, 8.6.18

Schocken Hill home proposals denied by City Council, 4.10.18

City of Sonoma stands by homeless shelter, 3.8.18

Councilmember Rachel Hundley, who will join Agrimonti as part of the ad-hoc SOS taskforce, said that, while Sonoma may see homelessness on a “smaller scale” than bigger cities, it remains a serious issue for the city to address.

“Sonoma is not isolated from the same things happening in other cities,” said Hundley.

Sonoma city officials question barrage of legal threats, 2.19.18

In an email to the Index-Tribune, Hundley called the letter sent to her “baseless,” adding, “even developers that resort to tactics of intimidation and bullying are entitled to due process and a fair hearing on the merits of their projects.” She said she intended to participate in all hearings on upcoming developments, including those of Routhier and Caymus Capital.

Women in Leadership: Sonoma's Rachel Hundley, 12.3.17

New rules for vacation rentals in Sonoma get City Council Approval, 11.27.17

Voluntary evacuation advisory issued for City of Sonoma, 10.11.17

Multiple fires continue to burn throughout the Sonoma Valley and, with high winds expected to change rapidly this evening and into the night, city officials said that, while there is currently no imminent threat to safety, the advisory is a necessary precautionary measure.

Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley said the decision was made out of “an abundance of precaution.”

“Our number-one priority is to protect human life,” said Hundley. “So we don’t want to take any chances here.”

More homeless in Sonoma find services, shelter at the Haven, 8.7.17

It hasn’t always been that way. “A year ago, there was some skepticism in the community regarding whether we have homelessness inside the City of Sonoma and what the city’s role is in addressing it,” said Hundley.

But now, partly as a result of the discussion last winter over a “safe parking” program for homeless who sleep in cars, the conversations “shined a light on the fact that even people inside the City of Sonoma are susceptible to homelessness,” said Hundley.

Sonoma's safe parking program for homeless won't be renewed, 4.6.17

Sonoma goes greener with new ‘EverGreen’ utility plan, 10.10.16

There’s not a lot of things that Sonoma can lead in,” said Councilmember Rachel Hundley, “but I think our small size helps us be a little more thoughtful in how we can operate, and this is a perfect example.”

Editorial: Of hearts and minds and leaf blowers, 10.8.15

In voting her conscience, the first-year councilwoman knowingly disappointed a small, but well-organized segment of the Sonoma electorate – some of whom have boasted that a similar reversal last year by former councilmember Ken Brown cost him his seat. She voted on what she thought was in the best interests of the community, and not in the best interests of a possible 2018 re-election campaign. That took guts.

There’s a fallacy in politics – one that runs the gamut from national campaigns to local elections – that changing one’s mind on an issue is a sign of weakness. And that may be the case if the change is done for political motives. But quite often, as in the case of Hundley and leaf blowers, it’s a sign of open-mindedness and a willingness to form an opinion, yet continue to gather information and receive feedback – even when, god forbid, that information runs contrary to one’s previously held belief.

No water for mega wine warehouse?, 6.2.15

Rachel Hundley – representing the City of Sonoma, and a non-voting member of the SVCAC – asked the meta-questions, “How much wine do we want to produce, or need to? How much water do we need to use for wine?” She added that while she was impressed by the water reclamation technology, calling it “cool,” she remained skeptical of the proposal overall.

Editorial: Edwards, Brown, Hundley for Sonoma City Council, 10.17.14

Hundley was the most prepared of all of the candidates we interviewed, and impressed us with her high level of understanding of a wide variety of municipal issues, something she has acquired through numerous meetings with city officials and reading many lengthy, reports. She believes the city can and should improve the quality of its services in many areas by embracing new technologies and programs


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Help for parents of troubled teens, 11.5.17

“Empowered parents are the key to securing our children’s future,” said Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley. “We hope this program is a launching pad for future progress in bringing parents to the table on issues affecting youth in all aspects of our community.”

“Due to unforeseen circumstances…”

The event also featured the presentation of a Compassionate Service Award from Cindy Vrooman, president of the board, to Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley for advocating overnight homeless parking in front of The Haven.

Hundley named Sonoma Mayor, Edwards Mayor Pro Tem, 12.13.16

'The rent is too damn high' , 9.28.17

Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley (pictured) spoke of her own eviction from a house in the Springs, and read a City proclamation (posted below) in recognition of Renters Week of Action.

Women on Wheels: Rachel Hundley of Drums & Crumbs, 7.3.16

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Kron 4 News, Sonoma launches new city website to provide fire recovery information, 10.21.17

"During the past week at the City's Emergency Operations Center, we relied primarily on Facebook to communicate important information not only to City residents but to the broader community. Going forward, our new website will be able to serve as our foundation for communications, providing a hub that is integrated with social media as well as new e-mail updates," Sonoma Mayor Rachel Hundley said.