Community Fundraising

Over fifty locals gathered yesterday to support my re-election campaign. Together, we raised a full third of my $10,000 budget goal. Incredible!

In 2002, the Sonoma City Council adopted our local campaign finance rules. This forward-thinking ordinance established a reasonable voluntary $10,000 expenditure cap for city council races. It also limited individual campaign contributions to $100. To encourage candidates to adopt the expenditure cap, the ordinance allows candidates who agree to spend no more than $10,000 on their city council campaign to accept individual contributions up to $200.

The result has been over a decade of modest budgets funded by small donations. We are a small city, and it is easy to reach every registered voter through grassroots outreach for less than $10,000. I did it with my first campaign, and I’ll do it again this year. If you’d like to join me in knocking on doors and learning more about what is on the minds of our neighbors, or if you’d like to host a neighborhood meeting or fundraiser, please check out the How Can I Help? section.