After a brief break from the campaign to attend to some other life business, I’m back! (And married!)

If I had had any clue how different this campaign season would be compared to past years, I might have thought twice about having a wedding three and a half weeks before Election Day. With the help of my now-husband and our wonderful family and friends, we made it happen, and it was perfect.

Sean and I picked October 13 for our wedding date not only because October is the most stunning time to be in the valley, but also because it was that week last year that we truly starting thinking of each other (and our dog Sam) as a family. Sean was working as a senior aide to Congressman Mike Thompson when the fires erupted, and I was serving as mayor. It was a difficult and scary time to be in Sonoma County, and it was one of those experiences that makes you think pretty hard about what is important.

Despite the challenges of planning a campaign and a wedding simultaneously, a weekend full of friends and family and love was exactly what we needed.

And no, I will not be changing my name. 🙂

Sixteen days until Election Day! Let’s do this!